Saturday, June 12, 2010

Well, just as an update, I made it safely to my new home! My apartment is adorable and in the perfect location, I visited my school and am very excited about starting there, I've seen the Starbucks I'll be working at and have gotten all my stuff! So many absolutely new experiences to process, it's impossible to sort through them all. My good friend Gilley is visiting me right now, we saw Crosby Stills and Nash last night in concert. Great show, good company! When I get my internet all settled (right now I'm using a router that was loaned to me by the cable company) I'll try to get some pictures posted. The internet speed is too slow right now for me to even want to try.
So much walking, trying to get a feel for my place. Used the bus/light rail a few times, but most everything I need/want to go to is within walking distance.
About to head to the Saturday Market! First time since I've been here!
Much love from the Pacific Northwest,

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