Monday, April 18, 2011

This should get me through the winter...

Well, March is over and I managed to make it through. I also managed not to post anything to my Blog, and I apologize.
It has been a hectic spring, with many personal and professional growths.
I was just telling a friend of mine the other day how much 2011 has lived up to 2010's crazy life-altering goings on. It's been amazing the things that have happened just this far into the year, and I'm beginning to remember just how fast time flies; When you're having fun, or otherwise.
School has been great, I'm just a few days away from being done with my kitchen time at OCI. I have worked out an externship opportunity with a really incredible place in my neighborhood that serves brunch and dinner on the weekends. Toast is the name, and local, sustainable, creative breakfast is it's game. I'm so excited to start, my first day is April 29th. I'm not sure yet how my scheduling will work out with my Starbucks job, but we shall see. I am just so happy to be working in a place that really shares my passion for the food it makes. I just got a new pair of kitchen clogs too, to get me through my externship and (hopefully) my new job there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one though.
I've been on many adventures over the past few months. I feel like my social life hasn't slowed down since Jory came to visit at the beginning of February. Been on midnight bike rides, gone to many birthday parties, and celebrated our new house with a fabulous housewarming party. I got to talk to a crazy old man on the bus the other day that reaffirmed my belief in taking life by the horns. We sang clementine together and talked about his 20 years of ravioli making and probably disturbed the rest of the bus thoroughly. BUT! Human connection is so rare, and to be able to spend 30 minutes on a crowded bus talking to someone who is probably ignored the rest of his day , just makes mine. We also have had countless family dinners (speaking of human connection) at our GIGANTIC dining room table. Candles and good friends and food- seems to be the theme as of late.
Speaking of the house, we have been all moved in for a few weeks, still working out kinks and orchestrating the communication of three very busy women. We have managed to constantly have toilet paper, eggs, and clean towels, although there have been a few close calls. I am usually surrounded by people who inspire me, but none do as much to help me grow as my two beautiful strong roommates Althea and Aubrion. I think we have all learned so much from each other in just this time, and who knows where we will be in a year. I have realized that I'm much more my father's daughter than I realized, and I'm always the one to check the locks and windows before we leave, and the one that gets called when the washing machine isn't working or a fuse has blown. I told both my roommates, who are each 6+ years older than me that I really appreciate that I don't feel like they act like my caretaker, and Althea just said "Cait, I feel like you're MY mom sometimes." That made me smile a little bit. Our garden is shaping up, and the guest room will soon be ready for family to visit. Mom, Dad, and Chloe have booked their flights for the summer, and I can't wait for them to see our beautiful house, and my beautiful city. It will be so great to show them around.
I got a new bike at the beginning of the month, and it has been one of the greatest joys of my life! I've been riding the 3.5 miles to school and work as often as the weather allows, and it has made me feel so good! It's a great ride, and keeps me moving. I named the bike Otis, and he is getting me around. haha
Overall, life has been so incredibly sweet. The weather is perking up, giving us a few hours of sun every couple of days. Life is moving, and I'm doing my damn best to keep up with it, and give it all I've got. That's all we can do, right?

Much love from a house in SE Portland that was built in 1923,