Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh, ya know...

just chillin' on a bench at the Boise, Idaho airport. Just finished rolling around in a wheelchair, but I figured before I made my makeshift bed for the night, I'd post the new years resolutions I wrote down a little earlier waiting for my last flight.

So, in 2011 I would like to keep these goals in mind:

-Take pride in my appearance.
As much as I would like to jump on the classic woman's bandwagon of "losing a few pounds", I'm not one for bandwagons. So I figured this would be a better way of looking at things. As much as I try to think that everyone shouldn't judge someone by how they look, I know that I judge people by their appearance. So mainly I want to be able to be proud of the shell I'm in. I want to present myself well, and if I were to write a book, I'd want that cover to be really awesome. So here's to making people read this book I'm writing!

-Let my competitive urges take hold
I don't think of myself as a competitive person, but sometimes I get those intense feelings of wanting to be the best. And I feel like I might be able to accomplish a lot more if I just took hold of those urges and turned them into mantras or some sort of power.

-Lern something new
Like how to play an instrument, or how to make a soufflé!

-Don't settle
I can't let my passiveness get me down. Can't keep letting me make the easier decision. Can't settle for people who don't help me grow, or habits that keep me down, or say yes when I really mean no.

-Save at least $1 a week
If not $10! or $20! Or $100! But AT LEAST $1.

-Take chances, get messy, and LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!
because, we only get ONE life you know.
Unless you get reincarnated or you get cloned or have a strange multi-dimensional life counterpart.

-No longer let myself believe that I have no self control.
No more of that excuse. We've all got the power to change whatever it is we want to change. Including me!

-Write more. Sing more. But most importantly Listen more.

-Get into situations that makes me (reasonably) uncomfortable.
It helps ya' grow up big and strong!

-Go to places I haven't been as often as possible.
A new coffee shop, a new street, a new town, a new highway, a new country. Every chance I get!

and last, but not least...
-When people ask "how are you doing?", ask them how they are.
It sparks this thing called conversation. I know I'm no shy mute or anything, but sometimes a little bit of conversation can change the outlook of a day, or a lifetime. And what are we here on this earth to do but to interact with those other crazies that got plunked down here too?

So those are them. Pretty simple, but I think it's a reasonable set of goals that could open a lot of doors in my life over the course of a year.

Happy New Years! Love from this weird shiny purple bench in a deserted airport.