Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's been a while....

Bah! Sorry, I know it's been a month. But give a girl a break! I've been busy doing lots of things, like going to the Oregon coast pictures at this address:

Enjoying lots of local eats, celebrating friend's birthdays, going to school, jogging , workin' like mad, and sleeping whenever possible.
I just got done with a loooong jog with my neighbor, we went twice around the bridges we usually just get around once, so I'm pretty worn out. Made myself a yummy chicken sandwich, about ready for a nap, and I work tonight 5:30-12:30.
Things have been exceptionally great here, I got a nice little 3 day break from school and work last weekend, I feel like it really helped to reset my mind. I was feeling pretty bogged down there for a while. All work and no play made Cait a pretty tired girl. I feel like I always go through a rough adjustment during this time of year. But now I'm good! Feelin' great! I think it's about to be time for the rain to start...the kind of rain that doesn't stop until next June. But I'm ready! The weather has been just beautiful, so crisp and clear. Feels like fall in these parts. There's a really pretty little tree across the street that has been changing colors for the past few days, and today it felt like all the leaves in the city decided to fall at once. Crazy! Beautiful colors everywhere though!
Excited to see my family at Christmas, and one of my best friends is coming here from California (where she goes to school) for Thanksgiving. So that will be lots of fun! Trying to get my Halloween costume together, I want to dress up as Count Von Count from Sesame Street. I have to work, so I thought it'd be fun to count everyone's change out and just be a general nuisance. We shall see, hopefully I can get some pictures if it does happen. And on that note- My birthday is coming up and all I want in the world is a nice new digital camera- pictures would be a lot more common if I actually had a camera instead of just my phone. So...keep that in mind? Haha I'm not soliciting on my blog or anything....

Much love! Falling leaves Love!