Monday, June 14, 2010

Soooo I'm going to do this the easy way:


these are all the pictures I've taken so far, mostly on my phone but some from a camera. I made a facebook album, just because it was easier, but that link ^^ should make the pictures/album accessible to everyone.

It was a beautiful day today! Got to meet with my new store manager at Starbucks, working quite a few hours this week. Everyone was really nice that I've met so far, it's right on Pioneer Square, really close to my apartment.I also got a mattress set today! So I have a real big girl's bed instead of an air mattress. Actually had a really great experience, I found this place on craigslist selling new mattresses, googled it, and it had really great reviews on yelp. So I rode the bus out to Mattress Lot and had a really nice guy help me. He even gave me a student discount on delivery! I got them a few hours after I paid for them at the store. The mattresses are even made locally, so I'm supporting my community! After I got some sheets and stuff, I rode my bike for a few hours by the river and across the bridges. It's such a joy riding here, all the cars are aware that bikes are on the road, and most streets have bike lanes and even bike turning lanes. Such a great way to spend the afternoon.
I have orientation for school tomorrow! Can't wait! I will soon have pictures of me in a goofy chef's uniform! :)

Love Love Love!

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