Monday, July 12, 2010

For those of you thinking about investing in Clear Internet; DON'T. DO. IT.
I've spent the better part of a month trying to figure out a plan and get something settled. I thought it was done, but alas I was duped again. I haven't paid them any money, and I won't!
That being said, I've worked it out with my neighbors to split the bill on a wireless router. So (HOPEFULLY) I'll have some stability from here on out. I think this time I might be in luck.

Anyhoo, Just got done with my first day back at school. Started vegetable cooking methods, so excited to be eating stuff that isn't all rich and buttery. After potatoes and starches and soups, something light sounds really nice. Even though I made pan fried eggplant today, the only vegetable fried in oil and topped with cheese.
Had a good break last week, didn't do anything exciting for the 4th, but I did manage to get to the Blues fest, bought some cheap furniture from the goodwill distributing 'bins' store, caught the farmers market, made myself a budget, took a long beautiful bike ride by the river, got a pair of chaco sandals, bought a fan for the hot summer nights, saw Toy Story 3, and even survived thousands of soccer fans watching the world cup in Pioneer Square where I work. All in all it was a great week, got so much done!

Gotta take a nap before work, I'm super sluggish today. I think yesterdays work day took the energy of a few days out of me.
I'll write more later, as long as my internet is still working! (crosses fingers)

Love, Cait

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