Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's been 2 months, yesterday that I've been here! SO crazy!

I'm almost done with my first term of school, then I'll move on to classes about management, so I'll have a few months out of the kitchen. Right now we're working on our final menu project, we have to have 2 proteins, 2 grains/starches, 2 complicated sauces, and 2 vegetables plated each day for 4 days. Crazy intense, but lots of fun, and really good for practice.
I bought a couch today! and a set of drawers, finally. I've been keeping my clothes on the floor and in a crappy set of wire/fabric drawers. So excited, and got a good deal on both pieces.
It's been a wild few weeks, super busy. Spend most of my time at school and work, but lots of other fun stuff going on too. I'm giving one of my neighbors a sauce how-to tomorrow before work, he wanted to learn how to make a few simple sauces, and since that's what we're learning in class right now I told him I'd give him a short tutorial. I think he mostly wants to be able to impress his girlfriend. haha
Went to the bite of Oregon on Sunday, got to eat a lot of great food. My friend Laurie had vendor passes from the hotel she works at, so we got in for free! I was going to get to volunteer over the weekend, but I couldn't get my shift at work covered, so even though it sounded like lots of fun, a 14 hour day just was not going to happen.
Went on a crazy goodwill adventure with a guy from my class last week. He visits goodwill a few times a week, looking for original gallery prints that he then sells back to the artist/gallery for a lot more money than he pays. We went to 4 in one afternoon, and I got lots of neat things. Mostly really cheap clothes and jeans to turn into jean-shorts. But it was a fun trek across town, that's for sure. It was nice to be able to visit those places in a car! I didn't have to drag my stuff on the bus or train for once.

Just clickin' along! Trying to get in a few fun explorations every day off I get.

MUCH love!

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