Monday, August 23, 2010

Deep Breath....


Finally, a minute to breathe!
It has been a CRAZY few weeks. Major talking points:
-My group ended up with the highest combined grade for our 4 day menu project ! We ended our reign as best group ever with a huge pot of pork shoulder chile verde made with mom's recipe.
-My neighbors toilet papered my bike, I caught them as I was walking home after work. Funny but I just thought it was a waste of good toilet paper. ha!
-Started my new term at school, now I'm doing 3 classes (Computers, Wine, and Restaurant Essentials) in the morning from 7:30-11, then we have a 30 min. break before we serve at the school's restaurant from 11:30-2:30. It's a longer day than I've been used to, but it's a lot of fun.
-Been working a lot at Starbucks, still lovin' it.
-Got a toaster!
-Went swimming at my friend Kristen's apartment building, they have an awesome rooftop pool.
-Watched Wayne's World with some friends from work
-Took a lot of naps

And other than that, just hanging out with my friends from work and school, still enjoying the weather, and trying to keep everything movin'! I can't believe it's almost September!!!! Which means, it's almost rain time...trying to brace myself for it!

Much love!

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